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Jun. 27th, 2010

Today's observations

 England should never be allowed to play football ever again.

My ineptitude at foreign languages has more to do with lack of confidence than knowledge.

My right knee is stronger than my left one. 

My sunglasses effect some sort of perceptual shift. With them on I feel closer to the ground. When I take them off after wearing them for a while, I experience a unpleasant sense of sudden upward growth.

Turning 34 comes with a ever expanding tummy, impervious to exercise and healthy eating.

In better news, my acne regimen seems to be having a positive effect!

Jun. 26th, 2010

(no subject)

ZOMG. Muse. At Glastonbury. I may not be able to go to bed until I've listened to their entire back catalogue.

I hearts you Matt. *sigh*

Jun. 24th, 2010

Money, money, money

I need to find some way of making some extra cash. I've recently finished my PhD, and while I've managed to secure a small amount of temporary and casual work, I'm not making big bucks and there's no sign of a permanent position on the horizon (especially in the current economic and political climate). I have a Folksy shop, but make few sales. I've managed to flog a few books on Amazon, but a huge pile remains. I'm trying to get rid of shoes on eBay, but to no avail.

But, what I do have is a huge collection of vintage knitting patterns. I've been trying to come up with some non-copyright invasion scheme for making them pay their way. I got rather excited when I found this blog post earlier today, until I realised that it was about selling original copies of patterns, not pdfs. And there's absolutely no way I could get rid of the stash, most of which date from the 60s and 70s and are, thus, still in copyright. 


Of course, I could abandon my scruples and sell digital copies anyway. Or, sort though the patterns and try to work out which (if any) date to 1940 or earlier (and thus avoid any potential shenanigans of a legal type).

Yes, perhaps that's what I should do, before I abandon all hope. And lucky me, I have a very clued-up fashion historian friend who can probably pin down style details to the nearest month (she is awesome).

*toddles off to do some searching*


No luck unfortunately. I have one very battered pattern book dating from the War ('printed under economy measures' is the give-away) and plenty from the late 40s/early 50s, but none dating to the 1930s. Drat.

Just ramblings

 That's what this Livejournal will be. Just ramblings. 

I've been toying with journalling recently. It's something I used to do quite frequently - on paper. Generally in a crisis. The simple fact that I haven't felt the need to pen my feelings in the last year or so is testament to my newly balanced brainz. 

But then I thought, why should Jeremy the OCD gerbil who lives in my head have all the fun? Why shouldn't I write when I'm calm? Wouldn't it be nice to document my happy as much as my sad? 

So, yeah, ramblings, occasional ramblings is what this'll most like develop into. 

How better to begin with a list of things I currently like:

TV Catchup - a godsend, as my Freeview box has expired.
The sun - I run on it.
Feta cheese - for every meal.
England - winning World Cup matches.

Things I'm less than enamoured with:

The thousands of Live Journal communities - how am I supposed to select the best?
Bastard philistines who paint over ghost signs (spotted that another one had bitten the dust this lunchtime).
Acne - when will the benzoyl peroxide to which I'm submitting my skin start to take effect?
That rather unsettling feeling that no body likes me (even though I know that's just the blasted hormones whispering falsehoods in my ears).

EDIT: Am also rather freaked by Live Journal detecting my actual address and posting it online (even though it got it wrong)!